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Easter 2014

Christian Audio Treasury
- The Lamb's Supper

- On the cross, Jesus said 'It is finished'. Dr. Scott Hahn investigates exactly what He meant.

NBC University Theater
- The Nazarene

- Based on a trilogy by Polish-born American Jew Sholem Asch, written originally in Yiddish. Asch wrote about Jesus from a Jewish perspective, and the story ends with the singing of Kaddish for the dead Yeshua ben Joseph.

Christian Audio Treasury
The Gospel Of Mark

- A complete audio version of the Gospel According To Mark, from the English Standard Version, dramatized in 16 parts.

Bishop Sheen
- The Sufferings, Death, And Resurrection Of Christ

- Archbishop Sheen walks us through the apparent failure and real triumph of Our Lord.

Family Theater
- The Passion

- An Easter presentation of the Passion of Our Lord, starring Ethel Barrymore and Charles Boyer.

New Shows - 3/25/2014

33 Half Moon Street
- Two Sides To The Shamrock(1965)

- Canon is asked to model a bulletproof suit for the Army.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Aaron Burr Murder Case(1974)

- In a movie set re-creation of the Burr-Hamilton duel of 1804, the actor playing Hamilton dies. The other actor swears he wasn't there. So what really happened?

Night Editor
- One In A Thousand(19xx)

- An ace reporter solves the murder of the mayor right in city hall.

Springbok Sherlock
- The Spanish Doctor(19xx)

- The surprising solution to a doctor's murder.

Bulldog Drummond
- Murder In The Moonlight (1945)

- The owner of a roller coaster is found dead on his own ride,and leads Drummond to a sinister plot.

New Shows - 3/23/2014

The Untouchables
- The Scarface Mob(1959)

- Originally shown on TV as a 2-part pilot for The Untouchables series, the best prohibition drama ever made. Later released as a movie, starring Robert Stack as Elliot Ness, Neville Brand as Al Capone, Bruce Gordon as Frank Nitti, with Keenan Wynn as Joe Fuselli. Narrated by Walter Winchell. This is the full audio track. (The original TV series is available on disc from Netflix)

New Shows - 3/12/2014

This Is Your FBI
- Bank Robber(1945)

- A fruitcake follower of Nietche meets his expected end.

Miscellaneous Shows
- The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty(1948)

- Eddie Albert gives a great performance as the daydreaming young man.

Broadway Is My Beat
- Raymond Grant(1952)

- The complicated death of a milkman.

Mr District Attorney
- Setup For Re-Entry(1944)

- A deported gangster comes back to settle old scores.

- Breakthrough(1962)

- A story from postwar Berlin reminding us that freedom can be lost.

New Shows - 3/11/2014

33 Half Moon Street
- The Moon And A Million(1965)

- A kiss leads Cannon to the solution of a train robbery.

This Is Your FBI
- The Used Baby Racket(1947)

- A woman sells her baby over and over again.

Epic Casebook
- Stung Into Action(xxxx)

- Inspector Carr investigates the death of a visiting American senator.

Lux Radio Theater
- Up Pops The Devil (1937)

- A wife goes back to work so her husband can become a writer. It doesn't work out as planned. Starring Fred MacMurray and Madge Evans.

Mr District Attorney
- The Murderous Junkman(1953)

- A junkman finds a not so new way to avoid paying bills.

New Shows - 2/8/2014

Epic Casebook
- Conjurors Illusion (19xx)

- A thread of expensive wool leads Inspector Carr to the solution of a murder.

This Is Your FBI
- Blueprint For Murder(1946)

- A crooked contractor tries to cover graft with kidnapping and murder.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- How Eberhard Won His Wings(1974)

- For being a good man, Eberhard Edwards is given a pair of wings. His wife is not pleased. Starring Hans Conried.

Squad Cars
- Cop Killer(1969)

- An officer is shot during a robbery at a gun shop.

33 Half Moon Street
- Sammy Brodie's Magnum Opus (1966)

- Aubrey and one of his agents are hired to escort 2 gangsters' wives to the opera.

Tomas Edison's Frankenstein (1910)

click to play

Thomas Edison was not only an inventor, he actively sought to demonstrate and exploit his creations' commercial possibilities. The Edison Manufacturing Co. made hundreds of films, including this first movie version of Frankenstein. You can find many of his other films here. For something really strange, check out his film of Boxing Cats(1894)

New-Time Radio There are some great shows still being produced today. Since they aren't on the radio and supported by commercials, they are for usually sale as downloads and cd's. Here are some of the best:

The Adventures of Harry Nile Harry Nile is a PI working in Seattle in the 50's, a creation of Jim French. Look in the upper left of his web page for ther 'listen now' link to hear a weekly sample show. He kindly gave me permission to post one show here - - Vacation With Bullets

- New adaptations of the original TV scripts, often with name actors, narrated by Stacey Keach. Sample episodes can be downloaded from the home page.

- Dirk Galaxy, Space Detective A tongue-in-cheek science fiction detective series, free and made for the internet.

- produces series like Ruby, the Galactic Gumshoe, and Jack Flanders, a sort of psychic adventurer. They're not cheap, but they're very good. They do have some free stuff on YouTube

Sherlock Holmes - Full cast dramatizations of the entire Holmes canon, written by Bert Coules and starring Clive Merrison and Michael Williams. These are incredibly well produced and recorded for the BBC. You can get them from

Merry Christmas! Here are some of my favorite shows:

- 625Y(1 of 2)
- 625Y(2 of 2)

- An incredible 2 part story from the BBC series 7th Dimension. A genetics researcher finds a gene that turns off the aging process, with terrifying results.

A Canticle For Liebowitz

- An audio production of Walter M. Miller's 1959 Science Fiction classic, in 15 parts. It follows a cloister of Catholic monks in a southwestern abbey in the centuries following a nuclear holocaust.

The Screwtape Letters

- The Screwtape Letters, written in 1941 by C. S. Lewis, was a fictional series of letters from a senior demon Screwtape to his nephew Wormwood, a junior tempter. They concern Wormwood's 'patient', and his difficulties in keeping him from embracing Christianity. It was recorded in 1999 by the great John Cleese.

How To Succeed In Evil

- the story of Edwin Windsor, evil efficiency consultant. (Kind of like Arthur Anderson for Lex Luthor.) As far as possible, he practices an honest trade, but his clients are so egomaniacal that they don't listen to his advice. Frustrated, Edwin decides to go into the evil business for himself.

Jeeves Takes Charge

- The first story in the Jeeves canon, in which Jeeves comes to work for Bertie Wooster and proves his inestimable worth.

Vincent And The Painter

- From NightBeat, a sad, beautiful story about a painter who didn't fit in our world.

Big Little Jesus

- A Joe Friday Christmas story. The only time Joe ever let a perp go.

Second Sight

- Fred Gwynne (AKA Herman Munster) as a blind detective who invetigates a murder. The suspect is the man who was responsible for his blindness.

Ten Grand

- Finding $10,000 sounds like a good deal, but then things start to happen. With Lucille Ball.

The Man Who thought He was Edward G Robinson

- A mild-mannered man seeks advice from tough guy Edward G Robinson for a way to impress his wife. Starring Edward G himself.

New Shows - 12/21/2013

- The Man Who Claimed To Be Dead(1959)

- He can't be, but something strange is sure going on. Great ending.

Squad Cars
- A Bank Job(1974)

- 20,000 Rand is stolen from a bank delivery van.

33 Half Moon Street
- The Seal Of Dorian(1966)

- A priceless relic is missing from the British Museum.

Epic Casebook
- No Bed Of Roses(19xx)

- Inspector Carr investigates an apparent suicide.

This Is Your FBI
- Diamond Studded Double Cross(1947)

- An indulgent mother, a crooked son, and a case of ice.

New Shows - 12/15/2013

- Number 13 (1950)

- It starts with Randy getting mugged by a 70 year old former mathematics professor...

Mr District Attorney
- The Vanishing Runner(1952)

- Miss Miller helpws Garrett bust a gambling ring and solve a murder.

Squad Cars
- Heavy Debt To Pay (1972)

- An unlucky gambler gets sucked into a robbery gone wrong.

Springbok Sherlock
- The Sauna Mystery(19xx)

- A novel method of murder with no weapon to be found.

Epic Casebook
- Murder Of Brave(xxxx)

- After the death of a mid-level mobster, Inspector Carr races to prevent a gang war.

New Shows - 10/22/2013

I recently scored some episodes of a South African edition of NightBeat. Instead of Frank Lovejoy, they star Harp McGuire as Randy Stone.

- The White Zombie(SA)(19xx)

- A sideshow character is a character indeed.

- The Carefulest Driver(SA)(19xx)

- Randy is tasked with finding the most careful driver in town. Its harder than it seems.

- Stone's Christmas Eve(SA)(19xx)

- Starts out alone and miserable, but doesn't end that way.

- The Bill Talmidge Story(SA)(19xx)

- Bill Talmidge is suffering fron two kinds of heart disease.

- Kid Ryan(SA)(19xx)

- A punchdrunk fighter and a dirty manager..

New Shows - 9/6/2013

Epic Casebook
- Death In The Wife\'s Name(19xx)

- Murder with a very convoluted motive indeed.

- The Final Chapter(19xx)

- A writer living an undercover existence is murdered.

- Death Must Know(19xx)

- An American from Wyoming arrives in England with a claim to an earldom.

- Warning Anonymous(19xx)

- A near-perfect frame-up.

- Death Before Exposure(19xx)

- A very artistic murder.

New Shows - 8/25/2013

33 Half Moon Street

- The Man Who Thought Too Much(1965)

- You can't win them all.

- Death Of A Lifer(1965)

- A man is to be carried in a horse-drawn hearse and buried at midnight on a most unusual assignment.

- Brass For The Broker(1966)

- A crooked union operation gets busted.

- Saved By The Gong (1965)

- Canon is sent to guard a valuable clock.

- Overture For An Overcoat(1965)

- Canon\'s new coat draws all kinds of unwanted attention.

New Shows - 8/20/2013

Night Editor
- The Law's Delay (19xx)

- A foxy Justice of the Peace uses a technicality to help a friend.

Stand By For Crime
- Episode 20 (195x)

- Carol goes fortune hunting in Vancouver, and Chuck comes to the rescue.

Squad Cars
- Paid To Kill (1969)

- A man makes the ultimate sacrafice for his family.

Epic Casebook
- Consignment For Death (19xx)

- A toy importer is found dead by his housekeeper.

33 Half Moon Street
- The Reluctant Camel(1965)

- Canon is sent to fly an accident-prone Sopwith Camel for a film shoot.

New Shows - 8/5/2013

Squad Cars
- Kidnapped From School(1969)

- A 5 year old boy is snatched from his nursery school.

Springbok Sherlock
- A Lack Of Evidence(19xx)

- Holmes solves a case of espionage and murder.

Epic Casebook
- Death is No Accident(19xx)

- A man, hit by a car, is later killed in the hospital. Why?

This Is Your FBI
- Waterfront Felons(1949)

- Agent Jim Taylor infiltrates a professional gang working the docks.

Stand By For Crime
- Episode 19 (1953)

- Chuck & Carol tangle with spies in Vermont.

New Shows - 7/21/2013

Squad Cars
- The Hitchhikers(1969)

- Back in my hitch-hiking days, scum like this made it harder for the rest of us.

Springbok Sherlock
- A Hollow Victory(19xx)

- Holmes solves a case of cheating at an Oxford college.

- Library Book(1945)

- Myrna Loy as a prim librarian who gets involved in a kidnapping.

Night Editor
- Important Trifle(1945)

- 2 marine pals in the Pacific save the whole base.

Epic Casebook
- Murder By Assignment(19xx)

- A PI, former cop, is framed for murder. Inspector Carr investigates.

New Shows - 7/17/2013

Squad Cars
- Stomped To Death(1968)

- A man is viscously attacked for his money.

Springbok Sherlock
- A Matter Of Conscience(19xx)

- A man who drove another to suicide gets his own.

Night Editor
- Lightning Strikes Twice(1945)

- After stepping up to murder, a thief's fear gets the better of him.

Mr District Attorney
- The Perfect Alibi(1953)

- Too clever by half.

This Is Your FBI
- The Would-Be Movie Star(1946)

- An armed robbery is solved through a set of prints - from a baby.

New Shows - 7/14/2013

Squad Cars
- Gas Poisoning(1969)

- A homeless man, presumably dead of pneumonia, is quietly laid to rest until an anonymous tip leads to an investigation.

Springbok Sherlock
- An Item Of Cartography(19xx)

- A young man inherits an antique map which may contain the clue to a fortune.

Stand By For Crime
- Episode 18(1953)

- Chuck busts a border smuggling ring.

The Green Hornet
- The Black Cat Killer(1942)

- The Hornet finds a recently murdered man inside a mummy case.

The Falcon
- Case Of The Baby Brother(1950)

- A grifter is found murdered, and suspects abound.

New Shows - 7/4/2013

Stand By For Crime
- Episode 13 (1953)

- Chuck busts up a deadly lonely hearts racket.

Springbok Sherlock
- A Problem at Oxford(198x)

- Holmes & Watson travel to Oxford to unravel a case of forgery.

This Is Your FBI
- The Skyway Swindle(1946)

- How you gonna keep em down on the ground...

Lux Radio Theater
- Johnny Eager(1946)

- Rod Taylor as a different kind of gangster. With Van Heflin & Susan Peters.

Let George Do It
- Bad Little God(1952)

- A small oriental idol causes no end of trouble.

New Shows - 6/19/2013

Springbok Sherlock
- A Friend In Need(198x)

- Holmes and LeStrade search for an abducted Doctor Watson.

Stand By For Crime
- Episode 12 (1953)

- An evil scum is lording it over russian refugees until Chuck gets involved.

This Is Your FBI
- Gentlemen Prefer Widows(1949)

- An extortionist with a penny-pinching wife.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- A Choice Of Witnesses(1974)

- Blackmailer Kellerman has no shortage of enemies.

Lux Radio Theater
- Ruggles Of Red Gap(1939)

- An English valet is won in a poker game and brought back to the American west.

New Shows - 5/19/2013

Lux Radio Theater
- Detective Story(1954)

- Kirk Douglasd & Ealenor Parker star in the story of a tough as nails detective who thinks he\'s judge and jury, too.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Golden Time(1981)

- I've had alot of strange plumbing calls, but never one like this.

This Is Your FBI
- The Bobbysox Bandit(1945)

- Stupid girls.

- Time On My Hands(1960)

- It's 1939, storm clouds growing, and a man goes back to kill Hitler.

Broadway Is My Beat
- Paul Clark(1951)

- A body is pulled out of a lake identified only by an unusual ring.

New Shows - 5/11/2013

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Forever Man(1974)

- An old man convinces a younger one to let him swap their bodies. Followed by a newscast from the Watergate hearings.

This Is Your FBI
- The Bowtie Murders(1947)

- An old tire leads to the prevention of a murder.

The Green Hornet
- The Parking Lot Racket(1939)

- The Hornet wages war on a local racket.

Sherlock Holmes
- Death In The North Sea(1947)

- Sherlock bursts into court with the solution to a puzzling death aboard ship. Preceeded by a conversation between Arthur Conan Doyle and his minor characters.

Lux Radio Theater
- The Strawberry Blonde(1942)

- Don Ameche is in top form in this romantic comedy set at the turn of the century.

New Shows - 2/17/2013

Stand By For Crime
- Episode7(1953)

- A half million jewel heist in 1953? That's some serious money!

Stand By For Crime
- Episode 8(1953)

- There are con artists and then there are con artists...

Stand By For Crime
- Episode 9(1953)

- Chuck goes toe to toe with a mafia boss.

Stand By For Crime
- Episode 10(1953)

- Over Carol's objections, Chuck impersonates a ruthless killer to catch a pair of bank robbers.

Stand By For Crime
- Episode 11(1953)

- Lt. Miggs uses Chuck to solve a municipal murder.

New Shows 12/16/2012

Stand By For Crime
- Episode 5(19xx)

- Chuck comes home and gets the surprise of his life.

Stand By For Crime
- Episode 6(19xx)

- Chuck & Carol wind up in the middle of a revolution in the latin american country of Payola(?)

Lux Radio Theater
- Alias The Deacon(1940)

- A travelling card sharp uses his skills to de a few good deeds. Starring Bob Burns.

This Is Your FBI
- The Singing Swindler(1946)

- A lounge singer sets up marks for a sweet little old lady con artist.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Fathers Boy(1950)

- A father explains the hard facts of crime to his know-it-all son. He should know.

Back by popular demand: The Screwtape Letters
Many listeners have requested the Screwtape Letters. I removed it because of possible copyright issues, but the John Cleese version is now only available used on cassette, so I've returned it to our list until and unless the copyright holder complains. Enjoy.

New Shows 10/31/2012

Stand By For Crime
- Episode 3(1953)

- A drug habit leads to murder.

Stand By For Crime
- Episode 4(1953)

- Chuck & Carol help bust a drug smuggling operation.

Broadway Is My Beat
- Marty Connell(1951)

- Murder down on the docks.

Lux Radio Theater
- Dust Be My Destiny(1941)

- John Garfield and Claire Trevor in the story of Joe Bell, a nobody with a capital N.

This Is Your FBI
- The Blundering Felon(1949)

- Now it can be told. How Bert and Ernie loused up their day jobs and wound up on welfare at PBS.

New Shows 10/29/2012

This Is Your FBI
- The Return Of The Mob(1946)

- An elderly former mob kingpin tries to bring back the old days. With Frank Lovejoy.

- Eyewitness(19xx)

- A murder in a bookie joint leads to a surprising discovery. With Harp McGuire as Randy Stone.

Stand By For Crime
- Episode 1(19xx)

- A radio newscaster goes reluctantly goes undercover as a communist.

Stand By For Crime
- Episode 2(19xx)

- Chuck ferrets out corruption in the boxing world.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Triggerman's Moll(1948)

- Life with, and without, a hit man.

New Shows 10/14/2012

- Dr Dalgrins Atomic Beam Machine(1940)

- The Yellow Mask steals a super weapon.

- Atomic Fuel Cylinders Stolen(1940)

- The Atomic Beam Machine needs special cylinders to work, and the Yellow Mask needs them.

- Threat To The Planet Building(1940)

- Curses! The Yellow Mask foiled at the last minute.

Rex Saunders
- Done To Death(1951)

- Rex has to guard a frightened diamond courier.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Strange Token(1950)

- Adventures in the 1950's drug trade.

New Shows 9/22/2012

- Menace to the Silver Clipper(1940)

- The Wolf meets his match.

The Saint
- The Horrible Hamburger(1950)

- Burger King it ain't.

The Green Hornet
- Superhighway Robbery(1945)

- Graft hits the road.

Lux Radio Theater
- After The Thin Man(1940)

- Returning from their big case back east, Nick & Nora confront murder in their own family.

The Falcon
- Case Of The Hypocritical Hypo(1951)

- A bagman with hypochondria? (The Falcon does a miracle whip commercial)

New Shows 9/2/2012

- Clark Kent Imprisoned(1940)

- The Wolf, having tortured Clark to no avail, leaves him imprisoned to die alone.

Miscellaneous Shows
- Code Of The Poodles(xxxx)

- Gerbils may forgive, but dogs don't. A short SF mysyery by James Powell.

This Is Your FBI
- Cora Lee Williamson Spy(1945)

- A returned letter leads to a most unlikely Japanese spy.

The Whistler
- The Glass Dime (1953)

- Intrigue whirls around a very special dime.

Lux Radio Theater
- The Thin Man(1936)

- William Powell and Myrna Loy re-create their screen roles as Nick and Nora Charles in the first Thin Man mystery.

New Shows 8/15/2012

- Kent Captured By The Wolf(1941)

- The Wolf tortures that meddling reporter Clark Kent for information. Good luck.

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
- The Mickey McQueen Matter(1950)

- A policeman friend's apparent suicide leads Johnny to a big-time robbery.

Lux Radio Theater
- I Love You Again(1941)

- Cary Grant and Myrna Loy in a great romantic comedy revolving around amnesia and crime.

- Dog Star(1957)

- A special Christmas dog story.

Jack Benny
- Treasure Of The Sierra Madre(1949)

- Starring guess who as Fred C Dobbs.

New Shows 7/24/2012

- Keno's Landslide(1940)

- Superman foils a disaster planned by The Wolf.

Lux Radio Theater
- Merton Of The Movies(1949)

- Mickey Rooney as a star struck young man desperate to make it in pictures.

Rex Saunders
- A Shocking Still Life(1951)

- An enigmatic portrait leads Rex into intrigue and murder.

NBC University Theater
- A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court(1950)

- A yankee mechanic is transported back to very old England in Mark Twain's famous comedy.

X Minus One
- The Category Inventor(1957)

- It can be tough to stay ahead of automation.

New Shows 7/20/2012

The Adventures Of Harry Nile
- Vacation With Bullets(2006)

- Harry is a none-too-prosperous P.I. in 1940's Los Angeles. Why did someone shoot his friend Manny? A sample episode of 'The Adventures of Harry Nile' from Jim French Productions.

- Clark Kent Reporter(1940)

- Clark/Superman heads west for his first big scoop - find The Wolf.

Lux Radio Theater
- The Devil And Miss Jones(1945)

- Think Undercover Boss was a new idea? Think again. With Frank Morgan in the role of the devil.

- Friday(1962)

- A shipping magnate sets out to disprove the seafaring superstition about Fridays.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- Die, You're On Magic Camera(1974)

- A very special camera sees the future, but brings only death.

Mea Culpa

Regular listeners may notice a few series missing from our menu. To avoid violating copyrights, I have deleted some series that I don't have rights to. But many of them are available from the following sources.

There are many people produing great radio shows today, and they deserve to be supported.

BBC, Raffles, Harry's Game, the BBC Marlowe stories, the Navy Lark, Rumpole, Exterminating Angels, Inspector Dover, & Inspector Morse are available from the BBC

The Merrison/Williams Sherlock Holmes shows are from Bert Coules

Ruby can be found at ZBS

The Twilight Zone is from Twilight Zone Radio

The newer(1982) Nero Wolfe episodes are from CBC Radio Canada

The Star Wars audio production can be found at Highbridge Audio

Einstein's Dreams was a Dove Audio production and can be found on CD from

New Shows 7/11/2012

- Baby From Krypton(1940)

- Baby Kal-el is sent by his parents from an exploding Krypton, comes to earth as Superman.

Lux Radio Theater
- Union Station(1952)

- William Holden reprises his role as a railroad detective tries to rescue a blind girl, kidnapped from a large railroad station.

The Twilight Zone
- The After Hours(xxxx)

- What really goes on in a big department store when the lights go out at night?

Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator
- Corpse On Delivery(1951)

- A bail bondsman hires Barry to find a hood who's skipped out.

Rex Saunders
- Lady With Hate In Her Heart(1951)

- Rex is waylaid by a blonde with a gun. Complications follow.

New Shows 7/7/2012

- The Shark(1 of 2)(1939)

- The audition episode, brought to you by Blankarene, breakfast cereal of Supermen!

- The Shark(2 of 2)(1939)

- Superman helps the Navy foil a sabotage plot.

The Twilight Zone
- Mr. Dingle The Strong(xxxx)

- A weakling is given super strength.

Lux Radio Theater
- Welcome Stranger(1954)

- Cary Grant and Barry Fitzgerald star in a story of bad first impressions.

The Whistler
- Triple Play(1952)

- A political boss and his main opponent both get skunked.

New Shows 7/4/2012

Lux Radio Theater
- Pickup On South Street(1954)

- A pickpocket gets in trouble with the reds. With as Moe.

The Twilight Zone
- Night Of The Meek(xxxx)

- A disillusioned drunk playing Santa has a very unusual Christmas indeed.

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
- The Nuclear Goof Matter(1960)

- A batch of highly radioactive material goes missing, and it's up to Johnny Dollar to find it.

X Minus One
- Childs Play(1955)

- Sam Weber gets a chemistry set from 200 years in the future.

Boston Blackie
- The Rockwell Diamond(1944)

- So was the rock stolen or wasn't it?

New Shows 7/1/2012

Lux Radio Theater
- Kiss Of Death(1948)

- A great crime drama starring Victor Mature and new starring Richard Widmark as nutcase killer Tommy Udo.

The Twilight Zone
- The Man In The Bottle(xxxx)

- Ed Begley Jr. as a pawnbroker who finds a genie, complete with wishes.

Rex Saunders
- Shallow Graves(1951)

- Rex gets involved with blackmail.

The Saint
- Reflection On Murder(1957)

- A Broadway star flees a crime scene, and winds up in Simon's cab.

- Summertime On My Mind(2012)

- Couldn't resist this one. 6 guys playing 1-string guitars all at once.

New Shows 6/17/2012

The Twilight Zone
- The Lateness Of The Hour(xxxx)

- A retired scientist creates the perfect home for his damily. Starring Jane Seymour and James Keach.

Lux Radio Theater
- Wake Up And Live(1944)

- A young Frank Sinatra makes his dramatic debut as a singer with a disabling fear of microphones.

The Saint
- The Ghost That Giggled(1950)

- Simon is asked to investigate a haunting involving a very cheerful ghost.

- The Marvelous Machine(1952)

- A scientist on the verge of inventing the computer abandons his work when he ponders its implications.

Literary Detectives
- Conan Doyle's Strangest Case(1996)

- The same case as in Conan Doyle Investigates, but told from a different angle.

New Shows 6/6/2012

Lux Radio Theater
- Alias Jimmy Valentine(1936)

- Pat O'Brian as master cracksman Jimmy Valentine, trying to go straight.

The Twilight Zone
- A Kind Of Stopwatch(xxxx)

- Push the button, stop the watch, stop the world. Lou Diamond Philips is great as McNulty.

Literary Detectives
- Conan Doyle Investigates(1972)

- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, distraught over the loss of his wife, finds relief by investigating the case of a man wrongfully imprisoned.

Mercury Theater
- Around The World In 80 Days(1938)

- Orson Welles plays Phileas Fogg in Jules Verne's famous story.

Burns And Allen
- George Writes A Newspaper Column(1940)

- George writes a gossip column, and gets in trouble with a gangster.

New Shows 6/4/2012

Tales of the Texas Rangers
- Double Edge(1952)

- A bank robbery has a surprising solution.

CBS Radio Workshop
- The Endless Road(1957)

- Some roads are better left uncompleted.

The Falcon
- Case Of The Weeping Willow(1952)

- A drug-dealing boss and a greedy wife. And you think you've got troubles.

- Damiani And Krause(1 of 2)(1946)
- Damiani And Krause(2 of 2)(1946)

- The poison gas bandits.

New Shows 5/28/2012

The Fat Man
- The Fat Man(1951)

- The Fat Man in the movies. A dentist is killed and dental records stolen. Brad Runyon, The Fat Man, finds out why. With early appearances of Rock Hudson, Jayne Meadows, Emmett Kelly and Julie London.

The Saint
- Leslie Charteris: A Saintly Centennial(20xx)

- A documentary about Leslie Charteris and his creation, The Saint, narrated by Roger Moore.

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
- Killers Brand Matter(1957)

- A freelance publicity man in a small western town in trouble is the reason for Johnny's trip.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Man Who Couldn't Get Arrested(1976)

- Fred Gwynne as a man who dreams he killed his wife. Or was it a dream?

Boston Blackie
- Aggie Rogers Murder(1947)

- A pair of elderly sisters lives in a decrepit mansion stuffed with junk. One is murdered.

New Shows 5/24/2012

A series of fascinating stories, based on real cases, by one of the most famous British lawyers of the inter-war years.

- Norman Birkett and the Case of the Coleford Poisoner(2010)

- The case of an abused wife accused of poisoning her husband becomes a national cause celeb.

- Birkett And The Blind Soldier(2012)

- Birkett defends a blinded veteran who claims to have murdered his wife.

- Birkett And The Green Bicycle(2012)

- Birkett squares off against Sir Edward Marshall Hall, this time for the prosecution.

- Birkett And The Red Stains On The Carpet(2012)

- Norman Birkett defends an Indian doctor with an improbable name of killing his wife and maid.

- Birkett And The Naked Toreador(2012)

- Birkett is roped into suing one rich twit on behalf of another.

New Shows 5/14/2012

- Here's Flash Casey(1930)

- Flash Casey, after working his way through college by taking pictures, finds the newspaper world harder to break into than he had expected.

- Red-Headed Woman(1949)

- Starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Lucy shows how good she can be at drama.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- With Malice Aforethought(1975)

- A cop is accused of murder in a bust gone bad.

NBC University Theater
- England Made Me(1950)

- Graham Greene's cynical tale of the upper crust.

Holmes On The Beeb
- The Abergavenny Murder(xxxx)

- Holmes solves a case in his own living room before the police even show up. By Bert Coules.

New Shows 5/11/2012

Literary Detectives
- Dr Johnson Investigates(1978)

- Boswell and Johnson solve a murder in Garrick's Drury Lane theater. With the great Leo McKern as Johnson.

- The Christopher Marlowe Mysteries - 1 of 4 - The Curious Case of the Cursd Quayside(1993)

- Playwrite Christopher Marlowe is drafted into Her Majesty's secret service.

- The Christopher Marlowe Mysteries - 2 of 4 - The Turbulent Tale of the Troubld Tragedy(1993)

- Marlowe is set to recover Mighty Meg, a stolen cannon.

- The Christopher Marlowe Mysteries - 3 of 4 - The Perplexd Plot of the Perilous Plague (1993)

- Marlowe and Ratsbane flee the plague in London only to find intrigue elsewhere.

- The Christopher Marlowe Mysteries - 4 of 4 - The Murky Mystery of Murder at St Marks(1993)

- Marlowe solves a series of murders at St Marks College

New Show 4/29/2012

Miscellaneous Shows
- Guardian Angel(2004)

- This play is vintage Havel, his only radio play, dating back to the first half of 1968, when he was at the height of his creative powers. Not long after it was completed, Soviet tanks brought an end to the reforms of the Prague Spring, and for two decades the play was left on the shelf. On Tuesday 28th September 2004 Radio Prague broadcasted Guardian Angel in a first ever English-language production, in a translation by Paul Wilson commissioned by Radio Prague. The production features Gordon Truefitt as the menacing, uninvited guest Machon and Gerald Turner as the shy and impressionable playwright Vavak. It is directed by David Vaughan. Guardian Angel was recorded at Czech Radio's studios in Karlín, Prague in April 2004

New Shows 4/15/2012

NBC University Theater
- The Crime Of Sylvester Bonard(1950)

- Not such a crime after all. By Anatole France.

- Himself(1974)

- A humorous bit of eavesdropping on the cells of a body.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Ingenious Woman(1950)

- Maggie is too smart for her own good.

Tales of the Texas Rangers
- Round Trip (1952)

- Ranger Pearson trails a murder suspect to Brazil.

Boston Blackie
- The Horseroom Thefts(1947)

- Blackie is framed for a series of armed robberies on horse parlors.

New Shows 4/12/2012

- Find Me(xxxx)

- A frightening story about a transporter malfunction.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Two-Gun Annie(1950)

- A girl wants her kicks, at anyone's expense.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Return Of Anatole Chevenic(1974)

- The lure of a promised inheritance drives a man over the edge.

NBC University Theater
- Prater Violet(1950)

- In England, on the eve of WWII, writer Christopher Isherwood is hired to work with an Austrian director on a film.

Pat Novak for Hire
- Mysterious Books(1947)

- Pat is hired to retrieve some papers that turn out to be more dangerous than he expects, even if they're not real.

Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator
- Zero Hour(1954)

- Barry heads to a ski resort for some cold weather investigating.

Philo Vance
- Prize Ring Murder Case(1950)

- Why would somebody murder a fighter's manager in the middle of a bout?

Rex Saunders
- Game With Death(audition tape)(1951)

- A gambling ship, murder, and a frame.

The Whistler
- All Damage Covered(1949)

- A nightclub singer wants to be rid of her invalid husband.

- Want Ad(1956)

- Bob Cummings has a way with women who need to sell their furs.

New Shows 2/23/2012

This Is Your FBI
- The Wasteland Hideout(1946)

- Smoke signals get a couple of kids out of a serious jam.

- The Phones Die First(1956)

- Harry Bartel as a condemned man during his last hours.

Philo Vance
- The Rooftop Murder Case(1950)

- Philo Vance, that cheery guy, can find murder anyplace.

The Falcon
- Case Of The King Of Clubs(1952)

- Mike is sent by Military Intelligence to investigate trouble in postwar Berlin.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- Strange New Tomorrow(1979)

- A scientist on a dying planet creates a race to succeed him.

The Big Little Jesus, a Dragnet Christmas story

The Big Little Jesus

a Dragnet Christmas story
complete TV episode

New Shows 12/7/2011
- The Man Who Won The War(1950)

- A naval commander whose resourcefulness helped win a crucial battle in WWI is mistakenly forced into a life of shame.

This Is Your FBI
- The Fugitive Pirate(1947)

- An escaped thief takes a couple and their boat hostage.

Marlowe On The BBC
- The Big Sleep(1 of 2)
- The Big Sleep(2 of 2)

- The classic Raymond Chandler mystery, dramatized by Bill Morris, and starring Ed Bishop as Philip Marlowe. A good presentation, and it doesn\'t leave as many plot holes as the Bogart movie version.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Secret Sharer(1976)

- Mandel Kramer & Norman Rose star in this adaptation of a tale by Joseph Conrad.

New Shows 11/29/2011
Boston Blackie
- Sam Fisher's Past(1947)

- An overly complicated plan to get rid of an inconvenient husband unravels.

This Is Your FBI
- The Sinister Souvenier(1946)

- A returning GI finds one of his war souveniers has been put to the wrong use.

Sherlock Holmes
- The Dog Who Changed His Mind(1947)

- A dog tells Holmes the identity of a killer.

Nero Wolfe
- Man Alive(1982)

- A ghost on Seventh Avenue involves Nero and Archie in a murder.

Tales of the Texas Rangers
- Misplaced Person(1952)

- The rangers catch a killer with the help of a Viennese psychiatrist.

New Shows 11/23/2011
The Green Hornet
- Snyder's Political Racket(1938)

- A dying man's statement puts away a crooked politician.

Boston Blackie
- A Boat The Viking Is On(1949)

- A movie publicity stunt goes awry.

Lux Radio Theater
- The Maltese Falcon(1943)

- Starring Edward G Robinson in the Bogart role.

Nero Wolfe
- Christmas Party(1982)

- Nero solves a yuletide murder, while going to great lengths to hide the fact that he was dressed as Santa Claus at the time.

The Saint
- The Saint Overboard(xxxx)

- A BBC show. Simon stumbles on a very profitable illegal salvage operation. Corny in places, but still good.

Marlowe On The BBC

- A typically convoluted Chandleresque tale of murder, blackmail, and deception with all the loose ends tied up neatly at the end. More or less.

- The High Window(1 of 2)(1977)
- The High Window(2 of 2)(1977)
Marlowe On The BBC

- Orfa May comes to LA to find her brother.

- Little Sister(1 of 3)(1977)
- Little Sister(2 of 3)(1977)
- Little Sister(3 of 3)(1977)
Marlowe On The BBC

- Begins with Marlowe picking Terry Lennox up out of the gutter and ends with him investigating Terry's death.

- The Long Goodbye(1 of 3)(1978)
- The Long Goodbye(2 of 3)(1978)
- The Long Goodbye(3 of 3)(1978)
Marlowe On The BBC
- Down The Mean Streets With Philip Marlowe(2000)

- A BBC documentary exploring Raymond Chandler, and the making of the BBC production of his novels.

Marlowe On The BBC

- The first of the series. Marlowe is hired to rid a rich old man of a blackmailer.

- The Big Sleep(1 of 3)(1977)
- The Big Sleep(2 of 3)(1977)
- The Big Sleep(3 of 3)(1977)
- The Broadway Bandits(19xx)

- Nickels and dimes add up.

Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator
- Never Murder A Mummy(1955)

- First, a mummy is delivered to Barry's office, then things start to get a little wierd.

This Is Your FBI
- The Sinister Lighthouse(1946)

- A second honeymoon gets a little crowded.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- Faith And The Faker(1975)

- A reluctant healer can heal everyone but his own wife.

Casey Crime Photographer
- Self-Made Hero(1944)

- A young man determined to be a hero finally gets his chance.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- Assasination In Time(1975)

- Two time travellers find themselves in April 14, 1865, ant try to stop the assasination of Abraham Lincoln.

Casey Crime Photographer
- Thunderbolt(1949)

- A fruitcake named Thorsen believes he is the avenging god Thor.

- The Cave(1955)

- A 10 year old boy discovers a world of wonder.

Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator
- Murder Island(1952)

- Barry is forced to prove a gangster innocent of a murder.

Philo Vance
- The Whistling Murder Case(1950)

- Just whistle a happy tune...

The Navy Lark
- The Multiple Mines(1959)

- Another ordinary day of chaos and mayhem.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Last Duel(1982)

- A tale of 'honor' by Russian author Alexander Pushkin.

Tales of the Texas Rangers
- Death Plant(1951)

- A time bomb kills a woman in a pickup truck, and Jace investigates.

Family Theater
- Sideman(1954)

- Dan Duryea tells the story of a small town trumpeter who gets his big break.

Boston Blackie
- Phonograph Murders(1947)

- A home recording machine is the key to two murders.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Warriors From Loanda(1977)

- A tale of darkest Africa from Joseph Conrad. If you saw Apocalypse Now, you will recognize the character of Kurtz.

Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator
- The Corpse Who Was Wrong(1954)

- A dead man's lawyer hires Barry to find his widow.

Boston Blackie
- Mrs Peterson's Insurance(1947)

- A few inches makes all the difference.

The Shadow
- Dream Of Death(1947)

- A young woman is tormented by dreams that her dead husband is coming back to kill her.

- Policy Wheel Racket(1952)

- Is a numbers racketeer muscling in on a skid row mission?

The Navy Lark
- The Hank Of Heather(1959)

- A mild panic ensues when Heather's old boyfriend comes to the island.

Boston Blackie
- Mrs Peterson's Insurance(1947)

- A few inches makes all the difference.

The Saint
- The Saint Closes The Case(xxxx)

- In one of Leslie Charteris' early stories, the Saint and his brave little band of adventurers save the world from a horriffic new weapon.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The God Machine(1980)

- A future where a computer runs everything with an iron diode.

The Silent Men Investigator
- Empire Of Pip The Blind(1951)

- A federal agent takes down a drug kingpin.

The Navy Lark
- The Admiral's Party(1959)

- CPO Pertwee's gleefully larcenous routine is interrupted by the arrival of an admiral.

Philo Vance
- The Muddy Murder Case(1950)

- A pole-vaulting killer?

- Win, Place Or Die(1958)

- Frank Lovejoy as a bookkeeper in over his head with a bookmaker.

The Silent Men
- The Roping Of Joe Landis(1951)

- A treasury agent goes after a counterfeiter.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- Date Of Death(1976)

- Can a man think himself, or someone else, to death?

The Navy Lark
- Stuck Up The Inlet(1959)

- In a naval exercise, the HMS Troutbridge gets stuck up the creek, literally.

NBC University Theater
- After Many A Summer Dies The Swan(1950)

- A novel by Aldous Huxley about a very strange guy obsessed with longevity. Creepy ending alert. Adapted by Ernest Kinoy.

Sherlock Holmes
- Hampton Heath Killer(1946)

- Dr Watson tells a tale to the soldiers at Camp Roberts in California.

- Murder On Mike(1957)

- Raymond Burr as an embittered radio writer who plans to commit a murder live on the air.

This Is Your FBI
- The Pan American Patriots(1946)

- FBI Agents co-operate with foreign police to catch Nazi spies.

The Gospel Of Mark

- An audio version of the Gospel According To Mark, from the English Standard Version, dramatized in 16 parts

The Navy Lark
- The Comfort Fund(1959)

- Number One\'s slush fund, aka The Unit Comfort Fund, has grown suspiciously large, and must be cut down before the inspectors find out.

2000 Plus
- The Other Man(1950)

- Nobody can be in two places at once. Or can they?

Casey Crime Photographer
- Source Of Information(1954)

- A washed out alcoholic reporter brags about outing his confidential sources.

Philo Vance
- Full Dress Murder Case(1950)

- A down and outer is found murdered in full dress evening clothes.

- Confessions Of A Medium(xxxx)

- An apprentice to a clairvoyant learns the ropes.

- What's It All About(1 of 4)(1992)
- What's It All About(2 of 4)
- What's It All About(3 of 4)
- What's It All About(4 of 4)

- The autobiography of Michael Caine, read by Michael himself.

The Navy Lark
- The Fairground Lights(1959)

- Chief Pertwee's plan to lease the HMS Troutbridge as a power station is interrupted by an order to, of all things, put to sea.

- The Big Shirt(1955)

- A soiled shirt leads to a killer.

Crime Does Not Pay
- The Heir Apparent(1951)

- Loyalty pays. Charlie should have remembered.

Casey Crime Photographer
- Witchcraft(1948)

- A conjure man bites the dust in Frogtown.

NBC University Theater
- The Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber(1948)

- An african safari story by Ernest Hemingway.

The Navy Lark
- Having Their Fun(1959)

- The affair of the chair.

- Slaughterhouse 5(xxxx)

- Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time. By Kurt Vonnegut.

Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator
- Sweet Larceny(1955)

- Barry is hired to guard a shipment of Egyptian relics.

Christian Audio Treasury
- The Rosary- Antidote To The Three Chief Modern Problems(2010)

- Pope Leo XIII had the answer all along. From the website.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Beauty And The Beast(1950)

- Ronnie is a gigolo with a corporate stucture.

The Navy Lark
- Working Their Passage(1959)

- Seaman Goldstein is finally promoted. To Commodore.

This Is Your FBI
- The Corrupt City(1946)

- There's big trouble in River City.

Casey Crime Photographer
- The Surprising Corpse(1946)

- A convoluted plan goes wrong. Who'da thunk.

NBC University Theater
- The History Of Mr Polly(1948)

- Mild-mannered Mr. Polly goes wild and crazy. Story by H G Wells, and starring Boris Karloff.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- City Of The Dead(1976)

- Adapted from an HG Wells story, a terrifying undersea adventure.

The Navy Lark
- Premiere Episode(1959)

- Or the case of the missing jeep.

Holmes On The Beeb
- The Madness Of Colonel Warburton(xxxx)

- The colonel is being gulled by a phony medium. With Clive Merrison and Andrew Sachs.

- Casablanca(xxxx)

- Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Need we say more?

- Never Steal A Butcher's Wife(1957)

- He can get very nasty when he gets jealous.

Rumpole of the Bailey
- The Eternal Triangle(xxxx)

- Rumpole's brief passion for a musician fades as he discovers the truth about her.

The Saint
- The Saint Plays With Fire

- The Saint stumbles onto a case of murder, arson, and arms dealing fascists. A BBC production with Paul Reese as the Saint.

Casey Crime Photographer
- Music To Die By(1948)

- You might have noisy neighbors, but hopfully they aren't homicidal.

Screen Directors Playhouse
- Miss Grant Takes Richmond(1950)

- Ditzy secretary Lucille Ball wreaks havok on her bookmaker boss's operation.

The Green Hornet
- Not One Cent For Tribute(1936)

- The Hornet busts a gas station protection racket.

Sherlock Holmes
- The Norwood Builder(1964)

- A bitter man tries to get his revenge.

Family Theater
- The Little Prince(1953)

- With Eddie Cantor and Wendell Corey.Three doctors are summoned to a foreign kingdon to treat a royal child..

NBC University Theater
- Point Of No Return(1949)

- A study of a New England banker, by J.P. Marquand.

Nero Wolfe
- Minus And The Book(19xx)

- A not very bright cabbie winds up with a dangerously valuable book.

Philo Vance
- Money Machine Murder Case(1950)

- There's no con like an old con.

- The Doppleganger Machine(1974)

- One minute it's 1933 before the war, the next it's 1974 and the Nazis have won.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Ninth Volume(1977)

- An oil drilling crew makes a startling discovery.

Philo Vance
- The Argyle Murder Case(1950)

- Fancy argyle socks and a new suit lead to the solution of a crime.

Tales of the Texas Rangers
- Boomerang(1952)

- An elderly man wants to get away from his nagging daughter. Does he have help?

Crime Does Not Pay
- The Second-Hand Pistol(1950)

- Desperation drives Lucy & Jeff to crime.

Rumpole of the Bailey
- The Family Pride(xxxx)

- Rumpole is invited to defend a remote aristcratic relative against a suspicion of murder.

Casey Crime Photographer
- Hot New Years Party(1948)

- Casey's resolution for a quiet new year is quickly broken.

Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator
- The Embezzler(1954)

- Barry is hired to close a case of embezzlement at a small town bank.

The FBI In Peace And War
- The Executive Type(1952)

- Two con artists discover the man they are conning is another fraud.

Armed Forces Radio
- Strange Morning(1945)

- The men in a military hospital learn that the war in Europe is over. Starring Ingrid Bergman.

Academy Award Theater
- Pride Of The Marines(1946)

- John Garfield stars as Al Schmidt, blinded on Guadalcanal, now home.

Matinee Theater
- A Stable In Bethlehem(1944)

- Pennsylvania, that is.

The Shadow
- The Man Who Murdered Time(1939)

- A mad scientist has really built a time machine.

Casey Crime Photographer
- The Miracle(1948)

- Casey and Anne investigate an apparent miracle cure.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Last Orbit(1982)

- An astronaut about to retire will not go gently into that good night.

Boston Blackie
- Murder At The Rodeo(1946)

- And Mary lassoes the killer.

Rex Saunders
- Namely Murder(1951)

- After a rather unique way of being hired, Rex is sent to find a man\'s missing nephew.

T Man
- Case Of The Bleeding Gold(1950)

- Agents bust a gang of counterfeiters in LA.

That Hammer Guy
- Laura Fenton And Jolie(1953)

- Mike is hired to guard a diminutive female.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- A Very Private Miracle(1974)

- A Santa suit is the catalyst to redeem a man's soul.

Nero Wolfe
- Last Laugh Murder(19xx)

- Wolfe pulls a Sherlock Holmes on a random passer-by with characteristic results.

Rex Saunders
- Murder Is A Silent Companion(1951)

- Rex finds danger and intrigue aboard a train.

Theater Royal
- Markheim(1954)

- Sir Lawrence Olivier in Robert Louis Stevenson's tale of sin, guilt, and redemption.

Favorite Story
- The Man Who Corrupted Hadleyburg(1949)

- Mark Twain\'s famous story of a badly used stranger to a small town getting his revenge.

The Falcon
- Case Of The Babbling Brooks(1952)

- The Falcon does a little intelligence work in London.

I Cover The Waterfront
- My Brother's Keeper(1955)

- Larry Thor as a waterfront reporter on a case. Sadly, this may be the only episode of this series left.

Rex Saunders
- Till Death Do Us Part(1951)

- Loaded with cliches, but Rex Harrison has such a great voice it's still a great listen.

Nero Wolfe
- Murder Is No Joke(1982)

- Nero and Archie become involved in a murder in the world of high fashion.

- In A Lonely Place(1948)

- A serial killer has a detective for a brother in this cat and mouse game.

Sherlock Holmes
- New Years Off Scilly Isles(1947)

- Holmes averts disasteron an ocean liner.

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
- The Ideal Vacation Matter(1957)

- Johnny has to guard a columnist who's made alot of enemies.

- Scratching The Surface(2004)

- Paolo and Tina go pot-holing in County Clare and investigate a case of betrayal among a close-knit band of cavers.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Once Too Often(1950)

- The Lug just can\'t go straight.

- The Man On The Heath(2005)

- Boswell and Johnson uncover a gambling/ blackmail racket.

The Inner Sanctum
- The Fog(1941)

- Sometimes it takes a village to get a confession.

Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator
- A Very Odd Job(1952)

- $200 in 1952 to deliver a puppet? Something is fishy somewhere.

- Settling Scores(2003)

- Paolo invites Tina to her first classical music concert, but a murder steals the show.

Sherlock Holmes
- The Bruce Partington Plans(Hobbs_Shelley)(xxxx)

- Hobbs and Shelly as Holmes & Watson search for stolen secret plans.

- The Man In The Flying Lawn Chair(2002)

- A true story of a man's unusual journey by air and his subsequent adventures in the media.

- Providence And The Butler(2009)

- A 1910 Wodehouse story about an unusually sagacious butler (Not Jeeves).

Boston Blackie
- Faraday Is Shot(1946)

- Lt. Faraday is shot, then kidnapped. Not a good day.

Damon Runyon Theater
- Barbecue(1949)

- High-C Homer figures he can go straight with a crooked 50 g's.

Inspector Dover
- Dover Goes To Pott(xxxx)

- Dover investigates the murder of a local magnate's daughter.

- Small Black Room(xxxx)

- Follow a group of boffins (British for geniuses) in a WWII think tank.

Sherlock Holmes
- Murder Beyond The Mountains(1946)

- An adventure from Sherlock's hidden years in the east.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- Now You See Them, Now You Don't(1976)

- Something very strange is going on in ward J.

- Shelter(2005)

- The murder of a homeless man leads Paolo to link a Dublin squat with the history of art.

Inspector Dover
- Dover And The Sleeping Beauty(xxxx)

- Dover investigates a questionable death in a nursing home.

Holmes On The Beeb
- The Marlbourne Point Mystery(1 of 2)(xxxx)

- An original Holmes story by Bert Coules, starring Clive Merrison and Andrew Sachs. A man commits suicide and is then murdered in a mystery involving Mycroft and a trained bird.

Holmes On The Beeb
- The Marlbourne Point Mystery(2 of 2)(xxxx)

- Mystery solved. Of course.

- The Seventh Letter(1956)

- Stacey Harris and John Dehner. A mailman is murdered on the block where one of the detectives lives.

Inspector Dover
- The Unkindest Cut Of All(xxxx)

- An small-town vet is operating , and Dover's vacation is cut short.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Kid Shiv(1950)

- The short career of Johnny Scott.

NBC University Theater
- The Gambler(1950)

- Dostoevsky's tale of a Russian vice we all share and its effect of one family.

Rumpole of the Bailey
- Rumpole Redeemed(2003)

- A reformed criminal may not be so reformed after all.

- Dr Johnson's Dictionary Of Crime(xxxx)

- Dr Samuel Johnson, of dictionary fame, tries his hand at investigating crime.


- For the historically minded, Crawford Logan reads from Thomas Levenson's biography of Isaac Newton and his rivalry with one of 17th-century London's most accomplished and daring criminals, William Chaloner. After nearly 30 years of academic life at Cambridge, Newton became Warden of the Royal Mint. He was soon in charge of the colossal task of re-casting all of England's currency - almost seven million pounds - and took a hands-on approach to the interrogation of suspected counterfeiters held in Newgate prison Broadcast on:BBC Radio 4, from 8/31 to 9/4/2009.

- Newton And The Counterfeiter(1 of 5)
- Newton And The Counterfeiter(2 of 5)
- Newton And The Counterfeiter(3 of 5)
- Newton And The Counterfeiter(4 of 5)
- Newton And The Counterfeiter(5 of 5)
- Goldfish(1 of 3)(1936)

- P.I. Carmody is hired to trace a pair of stolen pearls. A mystery by Raymond Chandler.

- Goldfish(2 of 3)(1936)

- Carmody heads north.

- Goldfish(3 of 3)(1936)

- Case solved

Crime Does Not Pay
- The Recruit(1950)

- Rex joins the rackets.

The Bickersons
- Second Honeymoon(194x)

- John suffers through it again.

Nero Wolfe
- Counterfeit For Murder(1982)

- An old woman comes to Wolfe with a bundle of counterfeit bills.

Rumpole of the Bailey
- The Primrose Path(2003)

- Rumpole has been confined to a nursing home, but that doesn't keep him down for long.

Tales of the Texas Rangers
- Open And Shut(1951)

- An easy case unravels fast.

Buck Rogers
- Gyro-Cosmic Relativator - part 10(1939)

- Killer Kane sends Black Barney out to collect weapons, and Dr Huer sends out a decoy message.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- Resident Killer(1982)

- Even a pacifist society needs a protector. Mason Adams stars in the series' final show.

- The Beetle And Mr Bottle(1955)

- Eldon Bottle, suddenly saddled with a tyrannical wife, defends his freedom.

- The Collector Who Robbed Supermarkets(1948)

- Thieves can be smart, but cops can be smarter.

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
- The Lillis Bond Matter(1951)

- A rehearsal tape with Edmund O'brien. Starts with a blooper. A bank messenger and his bundle are missing.

Buck Rogers
- Gyro Cosmic Relativator - part 9(1939)

- Willie is almost killed in a crash.

- Classified Secret(1955)

- Parley Baer as a spy heading cross-country to sell aircraft plans.

Let George Do It
- Operation Europa(1952)

- Paris, Istanbul, stolen jewels, intrigue. Oui-Oui.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- Death Is So Trivial(1975)

- James discovers that, even as a spirit, he can't save everyone.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Clothes Make The Woman(1950)

- A gang of pro shoplifters tries to move up in class.

Buck Rogers
- Gyro Cosmic Relativator - part 8(1939)

- Buck & Wilma are summoned back to Niagra, and a ship crash lands near the lab.

7th Dimension
- Legacy (1 of 2)(xxxx)

- A woman leaves her niece & nephew a cryptic map to their inheritance.

7th Dimension
- Legacy (2 of 2)(xxxx)

- The inheritance turns out to be far more important than they dreamed, and potentially far more deadly.

- The Big Compulsion(1956)

- Somebody is making false 911 calls.

Radio City Playhouse
- Ground Floor Window(1948)

- The gripping story of a young man with cerebral palsy falling in love. By Ernest Kanoy.

Buck Rogers
- Gyro Cosmic Relativator - part 7(1939)

- Killer Kane puts Black Barney under the psychic restriction ray.

- Sight Unseen(1955)

- A man is pursued for a crime not yet committed.

The Falcon
- Case Of The Practical Choker(1951)

- Could the cop actually be right this time?

- The Big Laugh(1956)

- Joe & Frank, working bunco, bust a con man taking advantage of lonely women.

Nero Wolfe
- Disguise For Murder(1982)

- An orchid showing at Nero's house is turned into chaos when a body is discovered in the office.

Buck Rogers
- Gyro Cosmic Relativator - part 6(1939)

- Killer Kane & Ardela set up shop in an abandoned subway station in the ancient city of Philadelphia

The Falcon
- Case Of The Superfluous Murder(1951)

- A man's suicide is interrupted by murder.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Operation Payroll(1951)

- Two brothers on opposite sides of the law.

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
- The Wayward Kilocycle Matter(1960)

- Johnny investigates a rash of store robberies in an exclusive California resort town.

Miscellaneous Shows
- Fair Deal(2009)

- A comedy revolving around a failed suicide, adultery, car theft, and the lottery.

Buck Rogers
- Gyro Cosmic Relativator - part 5(1939)

- Buck and Wilma take off after the missing ship.

- Once A Murderer(1955)

- It worked once. Why not twice?

Crime Does Not Pay
- The Doll(1950)

- Romance and rackets don't mix.

CBS Radio Workshop
- Only Johnny Knows(1956)

- The younger generation is going to the dogs. Again.

- The Big Small(1956)

- Joe and Frank go after a little old lady check forger.

Buck Rogers
- Gyro Cosmic Relativator - part 4(1939)

- Bad news. The psychic restriction ray is missing.

- The Black Door(1961)

- An expedition to find a hidden central american temple uncovers terror instead.

The Inner Sanctum
- The Hitch-Hiking Corpse(1950)

- Sean O'Hara picks up the wrong ride A beautiful girl hitch-hiker who just happens to be dead.

Crime Does Not Pay
- They Gotta Have What To Eat(1950)

- Ron Reynolds wants to take over the vegetable racket.

Nero Wolfe
- Cordially Invited To Meet Death(1982)

- People are dropping like flies from tetanus.

Buck Rogers
- Gyro Cosmic Relativator- Part 3(1939)

- The test ship makes an unsceduled liftoff.

Miscellaneous Shows
- Brave New World(1 of 2)(19xx)
- Brave New World(2 of 2)(19xx)

- An abridged reading of the classic technological dystopian novel, read by the author Aldous Huxley

Nero Wolfe
- Before I Die(1982)

- Nero reluctantly takes on a syndicate big shot as a client.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Death On The Doorstep(1950)

- A hit man named Happy.

Buck Rogers
- Gyro Cosmic Relativator - Part 2(1939)

- Black Barney and Willie arrive from Mars with the Gyro Cosmic Relativator.

Miscellaneous Shows
- Fenchurch(2009)

- A delightful tale about a butler who reluctantly becomes a reality show star. A Hosiprog production.

- The Big False Move(1956)

- Joe finds something fishy about a confession.

The Inner Sanctum
- Murder Off The Record(1952)

- A Reno weighing machine predicts a strange fortune for Happy Dolan, drifter.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Cards And Spades(1951)

- Innocent looking June Hathaway has a plan.

Buck Rogers
- Origin Story(1939)

- In Buck Rogers' first radio episode, Buck reveals how he got from 1919 to the 25th Century. Loaded with all kinds of scientific stuff, and brought to you by the makers of Creamsicles and Fusgesicles.

Sherlock Holmes
- The Great Detective(2008)

- An interview with Holmes and Watson on the death of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. An excellent show,found on

The Falcon
- Case Of The Careless Client(1950)

- A client hires Mike, then proceeds to frame him for murder.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- Medium Rare(1974)

- Handsome Harry the malevolent ghost has a thing or two to learn about revenge.

- The Big Little Mother(1953)

- A female forger called Little Mother is charging childrens clothes in department stores all over town.

Inspector Dover
- Dover And The Claret Tappers(2005)

- A series of high-profile kidnappings, with Dover as the first victim.

- Security Agent(1956)

- Parley Baer & Howard MacNear as 2 friends planning to escape communist Poland.

Let George Do It
- Hand In The Coconut(1950)

- George is hired by an aging big-game hunter to witness...what?

Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator
- Murder By Threes(1952)

- Pie r deadly.

Crime Does Not Pay
- What's In A Name(1950)

- An elaborate impersonation con almost works.

Inspector Dover
- Dover Beats The Band(2005)

- An unidentifiable body is found at a rubbish dump, and Dover unravels the clues in his own inimitable way.

Crime Does Not Pay
- The Weak Spot(1950)

- Maya Grimson has big plans, and one weakness.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Meteorite(1977)

- A space capsule crashes on a Connecticut farm with a little man inside.

- To Find Help(1949)

- Gene Kelly turns out to be alot more dangerous than he looks. With Ethel Barrymore.

The Falcon
- Case Of Everybody's Gun(1951)

- He done unto others, then others done unto him.

Nero Wolfe
- Instead Of Evidence(1982)

- A wealthy novelty salesman is killed by an exploding cigar.

CBS Radio Workshop
- Colloquy 3 - A Study Of Satire(1956)

- Comon guys, lighten up.

The Cases Of Mr. Ace
- A Man Named Judas(1947)

- The evil of Judas Iscariot lives on in his reward. Strarring George Raft as detective Eddie Ace.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- Party Girl(1975)

- A cop investgating the death of a call girl runs into too many coincidences. Starring Mason Adams.

The Shadow
- Dead Men Tell(1942)

- Dead men may tell no tales, but dead women do.

Nero Wolfe
- Death Of A Demon(1982)

- A very bad man is killed after his wife tells Nero she didn't do it. So who did?

Crime Does Not Pay
- The Imported Headache(1950)

- A demented ex-Nazi finds opportunity in the Land Of The Free.

- Don't Call Me Mother(1959)

- Agnes Moorehead as a seriously overpossesive mother.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Man Who Asked For Yesterday(1974)

- Just one more chance to live the day over again.

Sherlock Holmes
- The Affair Of The Politician(1947)

- Holmes goes to the infamous Limehouse district to collar a crooked councilman. With John Stanley & Alfred Shirley.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- No Hiding Place(1974)

- A man with everything to live for finds himself in the clutches of a blackmailer.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Kid With A Gun(1949)

- Jackie Powers wants to hit the Big Time.

Sherlock Holmes
- The Bascombe Valley Mystery(1966)

- Holmes comes to the rescue of a young man accused of murdering his father. With Carlton Hobbs & Norman Shelley.

Let George Do It
- The Deadly Pines(1952)

- A lumbering community is plagued with a series of forest fires.

- Speed Trap(1955)

- Two State Police in a white-knuckle pursuit of a speeder on a rainy night. Starring Eddie Firestone & Larry Thor.

Nero Wolfe
- Murder Is No Joke(1982)

- Nero is sure someone is using him when he hears a murder over the phone.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Carnival Frail(1951)

- A carnival huckster snags the richest guy in town.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Money Makers(1975)

- A ghost story, told by the ghost.

Philo Vance
- The Whirlaround Murder Case(1950)

- Murderous mishigoss on the midway.

The Shadow
- Death In A Minor Key(1940)

- The Shadow investigates suspicious deaths at a sanitarium. Great ending.

Nero Wolfe
- Before I Die(1982)

- A taste for pork chops lands Wolfe in the middle of backmail and a gang war.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Man Who Heard Voices(1974)

- Larry Haines gets around. This time he's a lawyer who's about to experience some serious payback.

Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator
- The Judge And The Champ(1951)

- A judge up for re-election is mixed up with the mob.

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
- The Fair Weather Friend Matter(1959)

- Johnny gets a lead on the murder of a bank messenger.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Clip Joint(1950)

- Business and pleasure don't mix in the dancehall racket.

David Brian, star of Mr District Attorney
David Brian
star of Mr District Attorney
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