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New Shows - 8/30/2015

- The Story Of Marina Baum(1950)

- In this unusual story, is Jimmy Olsen's mom anti-semitic?

Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator
- Ghost Of A Chance(1951)

- Barry is blown up and shot in pursuit of a ghost.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- Witches Sabbath(1976)

- So this guy walks into a bar.....

Epic Casebook
- An Open And Shut Case(1979)

- Carr investigates the demise of a furrier.

This Is Your FBI
- The Slaughterhouse Swindlers(1946)

- Modern-day cattle rustlers.

New Shows - 8/28/2015

This Is Your FBI
- Baby Big Shot(1947)

- A 14 year old criminal wannabe sets up his own kidnapping.

Lux Radio Theater
- Strangers On A Train(1951)

- Frank Lovejoy gives a riveting performance in this presentation of the Hitchcock classic.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Last Escape(1974)

- The Great Ferlini, an aging escape artist, attempts one last stunt.

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
- The Burning Desire Matter(1959)

- Johnny tracks down a series of seemingly unrelated arsons in California.

Epic Casebook
- The Final Interest(1969)

- A bank manager is killed during a robbery.

New Shows - 7/13/2015

Epic Casebook
- Concrete Evidence(1979)

- A reformed criminal does Carr a good turn, and is murdered for his trouble.

- Fragile, Contents Death(1956)

- A postmaster frantically searches for a bomb somewhere in the mail.

This Is Your FBI
- Agent Apprentice(1950)

- So much for honor among thieves.

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
- Harold Trandorn Matter(1950)

- A tycoon, a conniving wife, and a bitter rival end up enriching a skid row mission. Starring Edmund OBrien.

Mr District Attorney
- Murder A La Carte(1949)

- A burglary racket unravels.

New Shows - 2/24/2015

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Unborn (1976)

- In any deal with the devil, it\'s best to read the fine print.

- Boscombe Pool Mystery (1977)

- CBS Radio Mystery and Kevin McCarthy take a stab at Sherlock Holmes.

- Don't Play With Matches (1976)

- A fire chief with a most unusual pastime.

- The Haliday Prediction (1976)

- A newspaper colimnist has an uncanny knack for predicting the future.

- The Brain Without Mercy (1976)

- Does the title refer to the criminal or is it the mad scientist keeping his brain alive in a jar?

New Shows - 1/29/2015

Lux Radio Theater
- My Man Godfrey(1938)

- William Powell and Carol Lombard re-create their roles in one of my favorite movies. Also starring David Niven.

Epic Casebook
- The Plant That Died (1979)

- Carr investigates the death of an undercover officer.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- Blind Witness(1976)

- A blind old woman is the only witness to a murder.

Let George Do It
- Sucker Stunt (1953)

- How many alibis can one guy have?

Mr District Attorney
- The Supermarket Killer (1952)

- 2 guys and a trigger-happy dame.

New Shows - 1/2/2015

Lux Radio Theater
- To Have And Have Not (1946)

- Bogart and Bacall replay their roles in this cinema classic.

Epic Casebook
- Till Death Do Us Part (1964)

- 3 people confess to killing the same rotten boss.

This Is Your FBI
- The International Heist(1950)

- Running stolen cars across the Mexican border.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Other Side Of The Coin (1976)

- A cop and a crook share a very special leap year story.

Midnight Cab
- The Outdoorsman(1993)

- Walker goes home to Big River for Christmas and learns a secret.

New Shows - 12/31/2014

Burns And Allen
- Gracie Writes A Play (1940)

- As only Gracie can.

Jack Benny
- To Have And Have Not (1947)

- With Bogart and Bacall. Even on the radio she's a knockout.

This Is Your FBI
- Pearl Harbor Anniversary (1945)

- The activities of the FBI before and during the war prevented any successful sabotage on American soil.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Blue Sedan (1982)

- The death of a sleazy PI leads to bigger fish.

Epic Casebook
- Murder Annonymous (1985)

- The murder of a big time nightclub owner.

New Shows - 12/11/2014

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Saxon Curse(1976)

- A man is told he will commit a murder, and get away with it. He does, in a manner of speaking.

Epic Casebook
- A Type Set For Death(1964)

- Inspector Carr investigates the murder of a printer.

The Bickersons
- Snore Ball(1946)

- The Bickersons first half-hour show. (Don't be faked out by the musical intermission.)

The Silent Men
- The Bogus GI(1951)

- A con artist couple preys on grieving military mothers.

Mr District Attorney
- The Missing Corpse(1951)

- A man plays a really cruel trick on his wife.

New Shows - 11/24/2014

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- Interview with Himan Brown

- An audio interview with Himan Brown, producer of CBS Radio Mystery Theater

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- Time Killer(1976)

- A professor of parapsychology finds himself back in prohibition days.

- Re-Entry(1959)

- A fictional account of man's first trip into space.

This Is Your FBI
- Crime For Sale(1951)

- An airhead manicurist is talked into providing leads for a burglary ring.

That Hammer Guy
- Faye Durando(1953)

- A chance meeting on a train, a hot 100 grand, and alot of mishigoss.

New Shows - 11/22/2014

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Russian Passport(1976)

- Based on a Mark Twain story, a timid American in Europe comes under the spell of a blustery stranger.

Mr District Attorney
- The Hidden Money Killer(1952)

- A hidden stash of money leads to murder.

- The Flame(1956)

- Portrait of a pyromaniac.

Midnight Cab
- A Child Holding A Dove(1992)

- Walker picks up a beautiful thief.

This Is Your FBI
- The Unfortunate Daughter(1947)

- A dead bank robber's partners put the bite on his daughter.

Veterans Day - 11/11/2014

- Mission Accomplished(1949)

- James Stewart stars in our favorite Veterans Day show.

New Shows - 11/8/2014

Lux Radio Theater
- Deadline USA(1953)

- Dan Dailey and Debora Paget star in this hard-hitting newspaper drama.

Midnight Cab
- The Face In The Window(1992)

- Walker finds a note asking Santa for help.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- Crime Casts A Shadow(1976)

- Crime has consequences that continue into the future.

- The Easy Victim(1959)

- A man is forced into marriage and murder to pay off a gambling debt.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Building Blocks(1950)

- A local hood tries to corrupt a construction union.

New Shows - 11/1/2014

Midnight Cab
- The Falling Man(1992)

- Inspector Kiss, suspended and under suspicion, asks Walker for help.

That Hammer Guy
- Man In A Wheelchair(1953)

- A case where motives change faster than a wheelchair rolling downhill.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- Strange Passenger(1976)

- James Archer is taken by aliens to become the Marschurian Candidate.

This Is Your FBI
- The Big Guy(1948)

- The victim of a gang hit turns up alive.

- Dime-A-Dance(1944)

- Lucille Ball give a great performance as a dance hall girl pursued by a killer.

New Shows - 10/15/2014

Epic Casebook
- Fall Of A Rich Girl (19xx)

- A spoiled brat is found murdered.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- How To Kill Rudy (1972)

- A pulp mystery writer pridicts murders years before they occur, with astounding accuracy.

- Eyewitness(1959)

- A reporter becomes trapped in a prison riot.

That Hammer Guy
- Mike's Friend Murdered (1953)

- Against Capt. Chambers' orders, Mike sets out to even the score.

Midnight Cab
- 22 Crier Drive (1992)

- A fare, later found murdered, leaves a jar in Walker's cab. It contains 2 preserved siamese twin piglets. Then things get wierd.

New Shows - 9/16/2014

Epic Casebook
- Death On The Counterfoil (1969)

- Gloomy Gilbert, a shady nightclub owner is found murdered.

Bulldog Drummond
- Blind Man's Bluff(1942)

- Drummond battles nazi spies, and Denny saves the day.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- All Unregistered Aliens (1978)

- When I was a kid, I thought unregistered aliens meant Martians. In this case, I was almost right.

That Hammer Guy
- Barney Miller Syndicate (1953)

- Mike helps his pal Pat Chambers, but it doesn\'t feel like help at all.

Midnight Cab
- The Motherless Child (1992)

- Walker picks up an orphan from his hometown of Big River.

New Shows - 9/3/2014

Bishop Sheen
- Misunderstanding The World (19xx)

- In this opening conference of a retreat, Bishop Sheen discusses the changes in the Church in the wake of Vatican II.

Midnight Cab
- The Horse-Faced Man (1992)

- Walker's boss, Mr Piatelli, is in some kind of trouble.

That Hammer Guy
- Laura Fenton and Jolie (1953)

- There's nothing like a dame. This one has 4 legs and a tail.

Epic Casebook
- Murder In The Bag (1969)

- The motive was the key to this case.

This Is Your FBI
- The Big Breakout(1945)

- An escaped felon thinks he's smarter than everyone else. He isn't.

Fans of Bishop Sheen!

The Bishop Sheen files have been moved to Sheen.html

New Shows - 8/19/2014

2 new series! A Canadian show called Midnight Cab, and Mickey Spillane's That Hammer Guy. Check them out.

Bishop Sheen
- Lesson05_Good And Evil(19xx)

- Something is good if it fulfills its purpose. What is our purpose?

This Is Your FBI
- The Jungle Killer (1950)

- Agent Jim Taylor goes undercover in a hobo jungle to track a killer.

That Hammer Guy
- Saddle Shoes (1953)

- In the premier episode, Mike stops a bullet meant for somebody else.

Midnight Cab
- The Blue Eyed Man (1992)

- Walker Devereaux, new to Toronto, finds a body in the trunk on his first night as a cab driver.

Mr District Attorney
- The Church Social Stabbing(1952)

- Robbery and murder in an unlikely place.

New Shows - 8/7/2014

Bishop Sheen
- Lesson04 - Human Freedom(xxxx)

- Virtue is possible only when men have the freedom to choose vice.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Gasoline Cocktail (1949)

- Bela Lugosi as firebug Nick Sedigin.

Night Editor
- In A Manner Of Speaking (194x)

- A narrow escape for a hitch-hiking sailor.

Epic Casebook
- Death Is The Victor (1969)

- A racehorse owner is murdered.

Mr District Attorney
- The Joy Ride Murder (1952)

- 2 kids go on a violent spree.

New Shows - 7/25/2014

Bishop Sheen
- Lesson03 - God In Search Of Man (xxxx)

- We may look for God or not, but He urgently pursues us as the Hound Of Heaven.

Epic Casebook
- More Precious Than Life (xxxx)

- A diamond cutter is found murdered.

Mr District Attorney
- Charity Never Began(1949)

- An old folks home falls under the control of a scumpuppy couple.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Glossy Finish (1949)

- A killer is done in by a few dead flies.

This Is Your FBI
- The Allotment Swindle (1945)

- A woman marries soldiers about to leave so she can collect their allotments.

New Shows - 7/22/2014

Bishop Sheen
- Lesson02 - Conscience(19xx)

- That Jiminy Cricket on your shoulder.

Crime Does Not Pay
- Escort For Hire (1950)

- A woman running male escorts is a tough piece of work.

Epic Casebook
- Rapture Of Death(19xx)

- An experienced diver dies during an equipment test.

Mr District Attorney
- The Deadly Devotion(1950)

- A dating service turns deadly.

This Is Your FBI
- Crime In The Roaring Twenties (1951)

- A guy named Red has plans for the big time.

New Shows - 7/10/2014

Bishop Sheen
- Lesson01 - Philosophy Of Life (19xx)

- Is life simply absurd or is there a point to it?

Crime Does Not Pay
- Mow The Man Down (1950)

- Nifty Varden is an old school hood with old school ways.

Mr District Attorney
- The Missing Doctor (1953)

- Garrett & Harrington solve a 15 year old murder.

The Green Hornet
- Polarized Glasses (1946)

- Mike Axford inadvertently helps uncover a spy ring.

This Is Your FBI
- The Diamond Studded Double Cross (1946)

- A woman's pampering of her evil son leads to murder.

New Shows - 6/26/14

- Murder Strikes Three Times (1950)

- A deadly woman and a crooked lawyer. With Marlena Dietrich and Hans Conried.

Springbok Sherlock
- The Young Visitor(19xx)

- Holmes & Watson play babysitter to Mrs. Hudson's young grandson.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Ideas Of March (1975)

- A woman has a vivid dream foreseeing the death of her husband in a plane crash.

Epic Casebook
- Death Has No Pane (xxxx)

- One bullet fired, 2 bullet holes in the window, one banker dead.

This Is Your FBI
- The Musical Stickup (1950)

- 2 musician good samaritans become hostages for their trouble.

New Shows - 6/20/14

Lux Radio Theater
- Angels With Dirty Faces(1939)

- James Cagney in his great role as a bigshot criminal coming home to the old neighborhood.

This Is Your FBI
- The Marriage Racket (1945)

- Marrying for money as a career.

Epic Casebook
- Antithesis of Life (1969)

- (Also listed as Threads Of Death) Carr investigates the apparent suicide of a foreign service bigwig.

The Whistler
- Stranger In The House (1948)

- A woman's brother returns from the war, but she doubts his identity. With Gerald Mohr.

Mr District Attorney
- The Money Machine (1951)

- A con artist couple abduct a rain-man type from an asylum to use in a carnival act.

New Shows - 6/18/14

This Is Your FBI
- The Night Of Terror (1947)

- A young girl looking for excitement, gets it.

Boston Blackie
- The Jonathan Diamond(1944)

- Blackie is hooked into recovering a stolen diamond.

Mr District Attorney
- The Desert Killer(1952)

- A con artist makes a career of luring gullible women out to the desert and fleecing them.

Bulldog Drummond
- Death Plays The Races (1946)

- A jockey is poisoned in the middle of a race.

Springbok Sherlock
- The Eldest Son (19xx)

- A prodigal returns, and is not welcomed with open arms.

New Shows - 6/11/14

Squad Cars
- Burglary Alert(1968)

- The squad corrals a burglary ring.

Springbok Sherlock
- Lizard Point(19xx)

- An enforced vacation on the Cornish coast. Holmes, of course, finds a murder.

33 Half Moon Street
- Ring Of Roses (1966)

- A gardening job turns up a platinum ring with a unique history.

Epic Casebook
- Death Among The Sleepers (19xx)

- A suspicious railway death.

Boston Blackie
- Who killed John Davis(1948)

- Tom Barton, an escaped prisoner bent on revenge, is the logical suspect, but Blackie thinks otherwise.

New Shows - 5/7/14

- A Hot Night In June(19xx)

- As Emily Latella says, Never Mind.

Springbok Sherlock
- The Kraus End Mystery(19xx)

- Why the heck is Holmes shooting a leg of lamb with a bow and arrow?

33 Half Moon Street
- Receiver Of Death(1966)

- Aubrey Mason becomes involved in a booby-trap murder.

Squad Cars
- Pirelto's Pursuit(1968)

- A daring daylight attack on a police prisoner and a breakneck car chase.

This Is Your FBI
- Operation Rhumba(1946)

- German spies in Latin America.

New Shows - 4/31/14

33 Half Moon Street
- Dive Deep For Death (1965)

- Deadly shenanigans beneath a man-made lake.

Burns And Allen
- Guest Ronald Reagan(1950)

- The Burnses host the future president.

Bulldog Drummond
- Death On The Diamond(1945)

- Drummond and Denny are in the stands when the pitcher is shot on the mound.

Epic Casebook
- Crossed Is The Telephone Line(xxxx)

- An overheard phone call leads to murder.

This Is Your FBI
- Hollywood Shakedown(1951)

- Agents on an extortion case get the culprit to identify himself.

Easter 2014

Christian Audio Treasury
- The Lamb's Supper

- On the cross, Jesus said 'It is finished'. Dr. Scott Hahn investigates exactly what He meant.

NBC University Theater
- The Nazarene

- Based on a trilogy by Polish-born American Jew Sholem Asch, written originally in Yiddish. Asch wrote about Jesus from a Jewish perspective, and the story ends with the singing of Kaddish for the dead Yeshua ben Joseph.

Christian Audio Treasury
The Gospel Of Mark

- A complete audio version of the Gospel According To Mark, from the English Standard Version, dramatized in 16 parts.

Bishop Sheen
- The Sufferings, Death, And Resurrection Of Christ

- Archbishop Sheen walks us through the apparent failure and real triumph of Our Lord.

Family Theater
- The Passion

- An Easter presentation of the Passion of Our Lord, starring Ethel Barrymore and Charles Boyer.

New Shows - 3/25/2014

33 Half Moon Street
- Two Sides To The Shamrock(1965)

- Canon is asked to model a bulletproof suit for the Army.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
- The Aaron Burr Murder Case(1974)

- In a movie set re-creation of the Burr-Hamilton duel of 1804, the actor playing Hamilton dies. The other actor swears he wasn't there. So what really happened?

Night Editor
- One In A Thousand(19xx)

- An ace reporter solves the murder of the mayor right in city hall.

Springbok Sherlock
- The Spanish Doctor(19xx)

- The surprising solution to a doctor's murder.

Bulldog Drummond
- Murder In The Moonlight (1945)

- The owner of a roller coaster is found dead on his own ride,and leads Drummond to a sinister plot.

New Shows - 3/23/2014

The Untouchables
- The Scarface Mob(1959)

- Originally shown on TV as a 2-part pilot for The Untouchables series, the best prohibition drama ever made. Later released as a movie, starring Robert Stack as Elliot Ness, Neville Brand as Al Capone, Bruce Gordon as Frank Nitti, with Keenan Wynn as Joe Fuselli. Narrated by Walter Winchell. This is the full audio track. (The original TV series is available on disc from Netflix)

New Shows - 3/12/2014

This Is Your FBI
- Bank Robber(1945)

- A fruitcake follower of Nietche meets his expected end.

Miscellaneous Shows
- The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty(1948)

- Eddie Albert gives a great performance as the daydreaming young man.

Broadway Is My Beat
- Raymond Grant(1952)

- The complicated death of a milkman.

Mr District Attorney
- Setup For Re-Entry(1944)

- A deported gangster comes back to settle old scores.

- Breakthrough(1962)

- A story from postwar Berlin reminding us that freedom can be lost.

New Shows - 3/11/2014

33 Half Moon Street
- The Moon And A Million(1965)

- A kiss leads Cannon to the solution of a train robbery.

This Is Your FBI
- The Used Baby Racket(1947)

- A woman sells her baby over and over again.

Epic Casebook
- Stung Into Action(xxxx)

- Inspector Carr investigates the death of a visiting American senator.

Lux Radio Theater
- Up Pops The Devil (1937)

- A wife goes back to work so her husband can become a writer. It doesn't work out as planned. Starring Fred MacMurray and Madge Evans.

Mr District Attorney
- The Murderous Junkman(1953)

- A junkman finds a not so new way to avoid paying bills.

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